Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth, usually between 18-24 years of age. These teeth often get impacted (read stuck) in the jaw bone owing to lack of space in the jaws. Sometimes the tooth can partially erupt and partially be stuck in the gums/bone. This causes a tiny flap of tissue to form which is a site of food accumulation. This causes gum infection in this area which causes gum pain, swelling and even bad breath. Over a period of time the condition aggravates and is usually recurrent until the tooth fully erupts into the mouth.


First a digital X ray is taken to assess the status of the tooth and surrounding bone. A simple procedure is done at our dental clinic wherein the flap of tissue is neatly removed with the help of Biolase Epic X Dental Laser. The procedure is bloodless and painless and there is a quick recovery in a day or two. Once the tissue is eliminated, the maintenance of hygiene is better and the gum heals much faster. You may be advised to take prescription antibiotics, ointments and mouth rinse after the procedure. A soft diet and avoidance of smoking is recommended as with any other gum procedure.