Smile Makeover means the technique of improving ones existing smile by the use of various dental cosmetic treatments.

Step 1- Analysis of your Smile

The first step in this comprises a comprehensive analysis of your smile by our team of cosmetic dentists. We evaluate the teeth in terms of Colour, Shape, form, Alignment, Amount of Display, Gum assessment for tone, colour, health and finally lip position assessment.

Step 2: Treatment Options
  • Dental Cosmetic Tooth Coloured Fillings
  • Tooth whitening- Regular and Laser
  • Dental Veneers- Lumineers, Porcelain Veneers
  • Metal Free dental Crowns/Bridges- “Zirconia”
  • Tooth Jewellery placement
  • Gummy Smile Correction
  • Teeth Alignment
  • Gap Closure with fillings/crowns

Each of these treatment options have been discussed individually under the respective sections.

We value “You” during our Cosmetic Treatment Planning

The most important feature of Smile Makeovers at Dental Folks is that we truly value your inputs in the entire treatment plan. At each stage of the treatment adequate time is given for assessment of results and “Trial/Mock up smiles” option are also available. Contact our team at Dental Folks to know more.