Gum disease is one of the most common reasons of loose teeth in adults. Teeth that are loose cause a lot of problem while trying to speak eat or even swallow. The everlasting fear which surrounds the patient is the loss of the tooth. Most patients that report to our practice ask us one question “Dr.Malhotra -can anything be done to tighten my loose teeth?”

Dental Splinting- The answer to Loose teeth

Splinting is a procedure wherein the weak shaky/loose teeth are united together with the help of a fiber reinforced wire. This makes load distribution uniform as it forms a single unit which is much more stable than individual teeth themselves. This also reduces the pain which is felt every time the tooth moves.

However, we always inform the patient that this treatment is not the cure for shaky teeth- it is a symptomatic treatment to eliminate the discomfort associated with such loose teeth. It is essential to understand that teeth become loose due to the loss of the surrounding bone hence oral hygiene is very important even after splinting.