Dental Laser Cleaning in Ramesh Nagar

Gum disease (Gingivitis/Pyorrhea) is an infection of the soft tissues of the gums surrounding the teeth. Gum issues manifest as deepening of the gums around teeth forming “pockets”. These pockets are a perfect area harbor bacteria that cause loose- shaky teeth. The fact that this is a silent problem makes it essential to visit your dentist yearly. Untreated gum disease progress to the bone and cause bone loss- a condition that is very difficult to treat.

Regular gum therapy

Traditional gum therapy involves deep cleaning the roots of teeth underneath the gums (pockets) with the aid of fine instruments. In this procedure (curettage), a numbing injection is given and we remove all the debris beneath the gums and disinfect it with antiseptic solutions. Antibiotics and oral care measures are then given as the success of any gum disease depends 50 % on the procedure done by the dentist and 50% on the patient’s home maintenance measures.

Laser Gum Therapy

In traditional techniques, the reach of dental instruments beneath the gums is limited. The process can result in pain, sensitivity and soreness in the treated site post the procedure.

Dental Lasers have truly revolutionized the way dental treatment is done. Here are some of the benefits of the system Biolase Epic X which we use at Dental Folks,

  • Disinfection and Detoxification of tissues

Lasers not only assist in removal of bacterial by a method called ablation but also eliminate their toxins and prevent bacterial colonization.

  • Minimally invasive with better patient co-operation
  • Decreased post treatment pain
  • Faster Healing (Biomodulation Therapy)

The Laser gum cleaning session is totally painless, once teeth are cleaned thoroughly, Laser light is directed into the diseased areas of the gums known as “pockets” to eliminate the bacteria and thoroughly sterilize the tissues. The process is quick, with lesser post procedure sensitivity, soreness, and faster healing time.

  • Less chances of sensitivity after treatment.
  • Promotes Bone regeneration

Once the gum infection is treated, bone regeneration is promoted thereby increasing the functionality of the teeth making them firmer.