There are 4 wisdom teeth two in the upper jaw (one on each side) and two in the lower jaw. These normally erupt between 18-24 years of age. Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt in the mouth and hence can become impacted (stuck) in the jaw due to lack of space or incorrect angulation.

Some wisdom teeth erupt without any issues but since they are the last teeth in the mouth, the brush doesn’t reach effectively and there is a high chance of developing cavities or gum issues in these teeth.

Thus the types of wisdom teeth we encounter are
  • Fully erupted Wisdom teeth (Fully visible in the mouth)
  • Partially erupted (Partly visible and partly still submerged in the bone)
  • Impacted (Fully submerged in bone and not visible in the mouth)

The first step is to take an X ray and determine the location of the tooth and proximity of the tooth to other important jaw structures like nerves, blood vessels etc. Once the degree of complexity of the tooth is determined the removal is planned. The dentist numbs the area and proceeds with the removal occasionally stiches may have to be placed to promote the wound healing.