Affordable Dental Bone Grafting in Ramesh Nagar Delhi

Bone grafting is a procedure in which artificial/ synthetic or natural bone material is usually suggested when the patient does not have adequate amount of healthy natural bone in his body.

Why is the Bone so Important

The main job of our bones in the jaw is to hold the teeth. When teeth are lost – either by removal/injury the bone in that region has no more reason to function. So, it begins to dissolve (atrophy). Moreover, bone formation is stimulated every time we chew using our teeth.

Some common conditions in which a bone graft are suggested

  • During Dental Implant Surgeries- Bone Grafting helps form a stable foundation for future placement of implants. The Bone Graft helps to develop a matrix for new bone cells to form new natural bone. Once placed it takes 4-6 months for adequate bone formation.
  • Loss of bone due to Advanced Gum Damage Bone Grafts are frequently used in Gum surgeries to provide adequate bone support to teeth.
  • After Tooth removal (wisdom teeth)
  • Developmental Genetic Issues
  • After Trauma or Jaw Injury
  • During dental surgeries-like Sinus Lift Procedure

This treatment is usually done under Local Anaesthesia and is associated with minimal discomfort.