Full Mouth Scaling and Polishing in Ramesh Nagar

Scaling refers to removing the dirt accumulated over the surface of teeth. The bacteria present in the mouth cause the formation of plaque which accumulates over a period of time and forms hard calculus. You may have noticed hard deposits especially on the back surface of your lower teeth. Sometimes these deposits also give a bad breath and are the top cause of pyorrhea. At this stage it is difficult to remove tartar by brushing alone and professional cleaning is indicated.

  • How often is it recommended to be done?
  • Most recommendations include twice a year for people with poor oral hygiene and once a year for those who maintain good oral hygiene.
Some Myths on Scaling /tooth Cleaning!
  • Scaling will weaken my teeth and create gaps/holes‼

In the 10 years of our practice, we have received this question countless number of times. Contrary to the popular belief that some people have- Scaling does not weaken your teeth. Scaling is done with an Ultrasonic machine which is designed “not to cut but vibrate” over the surface of your teeth. It is completely safe and highly recommended for healthy gums.

  • Scaling and tooth whitening are the same‼

Scaling gently removes plaque tartar and surface stains to bring out the natural colour of your teeth. Although there is a considerable improvement in shade, it just reveals your natural shade. Tooth whitening is a completely different cosmetic procedure in which chemical agents are applied to “bleach” the teeth and whiten them

  • Scaling is painful- there is a lot of bleeding involved!

Scaling, when done cautiously is not painful. In patients with advanced gum disease (pyorrhea) wherein there is naturally spongy painful gums, anaesthetic numbing gels can be applied to ease the discomfort.’

Tooth Polishing

Tooth polishing is a procedure to smoothen the surface of the teeth after scaling procedure. Polished teeth accumulate less dirt and debris and improve long-term gum health. The procedure involves a rubber cup and a mild polishing paste to give a smooth clean feel to the teeth. Both Scaling and polishing go hand in hand!