Cast Post Dental Treatment in Ramesh Nagar Delhi India

Structure of a Metal Post

Structure of a Fiber Post

Sometimes when the tooth structure is very badly damaged additional procedures can be done after a root canal treatment to reinforce the strength of the tooth. The stronger the foundation of the tooth, the better the longevity of the cap placed on top of it. A Post is inserted into a pretreated root canal tooth to enhance the retention of the filling.

The procedure for post placement is usually painless and does not require any anaesthesia. Depending on the material used posts are of three types,

Metal Posts

These are prefabricated (readymade) posts that are cemented into the tooth and followed up with a tooth-coloured filling.

Fiber Posts

These are transparent, flexible and can be placed for both front and back teeth.

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Clinical Cases - Fiber Post

Cast Posts

These are a ray of hope for very badly damaged teeth! Cast posts are custom made posts designed specifically after taking wax patterns of the teeth and casting it in metal. It is the traditional technique for well-fitted posts!

Clinical Cases - Cast Post