A cyst is a closed sac containing liquids/pus /or soft tissue. It generally forms around the root tips of infected teeth. Other circumstances in which a cyst may form include unerupted teeth (buried teeth) or rarely due to genetic causes.

Sometimes these cysts may go unnoticed without any symptoms and are detected on x rays as dark holes. Occasionally they may become infected and form something called an “abscess”.

Cyst removal is done due to the following reasons
  • Infection- resulting in pain and swelling
  • Cyst pressing on nerves/ other tooth roots
  • Large cysts weakening the bone
  • Large cysts weakening the bone
  • Cysts, which disrupt normal functions, like appearance or chewing.

Small cysts around roots of infected teeth mostly heal by root canal treatment of the affected tooth alone without any surgery, however large cysts may require localized surgery to scoop out the cyst and prevent a new one from forming.