Frenectomy Laser

The frenum is a small tissue made up of muscle fibers that attaches the lip/tongue to the mucous membranes of the mouth. When this frenum is inappropriately located, it can cause problems such as gaps between upper front teeth, problems in speech, gum recession, tongue tie (trouble in fully extending the tongue out) and functional problems in swallowing and may even affect the fit of dentures. Frenectomy is a procedure in which this tissue is carefully repositioned to its correct location. This is done either surgically or with lasers


Frenectomy is usually a short surgical procedure completed in a single visit. First, we give local anaesthesia to the surgical site. The procedure can be done in three ways-either with scalpel, electro cautery or lasers. A small incision is made in the frenum and it is adjusted into its new position. You may also require stitches. With Laser Frenectomy the use of a surgical blade is avoided with better tissue healing.

After care instructions include soft diet, not moving the lip/tongue too much and meticulous oral hygiene measures apart for anti-inflammatory and analgesics.