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BPS Dentures in Ramesh Nagar Delhi India

The loss of teeth takes a very heavy emotional toll on the quality of life as It not only affects the appearance but also basic functions such as eating and speaking.

How Dentures can help you?
Instant Age Lift!

Dentures can be designed to properly support sunken teeth/jaw and even puckered lips and bring fullness to the face! Helps in the activation of facial muscles and reduces wrinkles

Treatment Planning

The first step is an examination of the gums and bone by check-up and x rays and preparing a treatment plan. Other factors such as bone density, medical conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis and medications like blood thinners are taken into consideration.

Preparing your mouth for a denture

This involves procedures like tooth extractions, bone grafts etc. If you plan to go for an implant supported denture, at this stage, implant placement is done and a waiting period of 3-6 months is given for implant fusion.


Molds of the gums are taken and sent to the lab for custom made denture fabrication. This is followed by a few visits when measurements of your jaw movements and soft tissues are taken.

Lab Fabrication

The mouth measurements, moulds and other details are sent to the lab for processing of the denture. Usually there is a trial visit before final denture delivery for you to assess the looks, shade, and shape of teeth and fit of the denture. Once satisfied, the final denture is sent for processing.

Once dentures are placed it is essential to give it a week or two for completely adjusting to your new restored smile. Our experts will guide you on tips for denture care, speech and eating.

BPS Dentures - Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) system

Is a standardized system of denture fabrication which creates biologically harmonious dentures with amazing comfort fit and aesthetics. It is made up of 3 layers of cross-linked resins which makes the denture wear resistant.

  • Life Like appearance of denture
  • High Quality false teeth from IvoclarVivadent
  • Comfortable fit
  • Does not accumulate stains easily
  • Wear resistant
  • Less odour and food accumulation