Radiation Safety is usually a neglected practice in many dental clinics. X rays are generally overused due to their ready availability in modern dentistry. However we at Dental Folks strongly believe that Radiation Safety is of paramount importance for the Patient, our doctors and even our staff who work on a daily basis in the same environment‼

These are the following Radiation Protection measures we take routinely …
  • Mandatory Regulatory Consent from AERB : We have Advanced Digital X Ray equipment which has been approved by the AERB. This Approval means the use of the Xray is absolutely safe and does not pose any health risk to people.
  • Monitoring of Radiation doses for dentists and staff with TLD badges.
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment like –Radiation suits and Thyroid Collars.
  • ALARA Policy- (AS Low As Reasonably Achievable)
  • X rays are advised based solely on the clinical conditions and not as a routine examination to avoid unnecessary exposure

  • Use of other Devices like Apex locators which reduce the need for taking multiple xrays during Root Canal Treatment.
  • Special Care – for Children and Pregnant Women