Root canals are perhaps one of the most feared procedures in dentistry from a patient's perspective. This is the major cause of “dentist-phobia”.

But why so? A lot of factors can lead to this - an unpleasant previous experience with a root canal almost scars the patient for life. Apart from this the stage at which the patient presents with the problem is also crucial. Presence of any kind of swelling, pus discharge or severe pain makes it intolerable and the very thought of getting anything done in pain is scary, isn’t it?


The first step would be identifying whether your cavity requires a simple filling or a root canal? The presence of these classic signs mostly contributes to an irreversible infection of the tooth requiring a root canal.

  • Pain on lying down.
  • Pain on chewing - which is continuous.
  • Severe Hot or cold sensitivity.
  • Spontaneous pain (pain without any stimulus).
  • Cavity associated with facial swelling.
  • Tooth turning black.
  • Severely Fractured tooth due to injury.

So, what do you do when you need a root canal? Firstly, a root canal is nothing to be afraid of. Follow these steps for best results,

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Visit the dentist

We all have heard of clove oil, alum (phitkari), and other grandma's recipes for tooth pain! But wait‼ For how long can these homemade treatments work?

Eventually you will need a dentist.

In dentistry, the sooner we treat a cavity, the lesser the pain and cost involved. Small cavities often require a simple filling that can be completed in a single visit and does not cost much compared to a root canal. Do not wait for the pain to develop or symptoms to appear.

Root canal Treatment is a procedure that saves your tooth and retains it in your jaw. The other alternative is extraction (removal) and replacement with a new tooth. The latter is not suggested because there is nothing like your own natural tooth. The cost of a root canal is very less compared to getting a new tooth hence it is also economical apart from being natural.

Always choose a specialist

The Specialty dedicated to Root canals-" Endodontist"

Endodontics is a specialty that deals with root canals. An Endodontist is someone who makes your root canal experience a breeze as they are trained to perform with accuracy, speed, and with the latest of equipment. Although the same can also be performed by a general dentist, a specialist is always preferable.

Root canal X Ray

Try not to miss appointments.

So you have got your first sitting of Root Canal Treatment done and your pain is gone, now? Many people skip appointments when they are pain free. Please remember that the dentist fills temporary filling material in your tooth between the visits. These temporary fillings are meant to last only for 1-2 weeks. Once you miss your appointment and the temporary is lost, the dentist has to commence the work from the beginning again.

So, keep up with your appointments for the best treatment results.

A note for our female patients

Please do inform our dentists if you are pregnant. This makes us take utmost care and precaution to avoid x rays and make the treatment very comfortable. The best time to get any dental treatment done is the second trimester. It is also advised to get your oral health checked even before you plan a pregnancy to avoid any emergencies later.