FLEXIBLE DENTURES (Soft / Unbreakable Dentures)
Flexible Dentures clinic in Ramesh Nagar Delhi
Say No to Ugly Metal Wires ‼

Flexible dentures are a type of Removable partial dentures that are way more advanced than regular partial dentures. These high quality dentures snap on precisely into your mouth and are virtually invisible. The material that is used is a nylon derived thermoplastic material - light in weight but also durable.

Why you should opt for Flexible Partial Dentures compared to Regular dentures?
  • Thinner than conventional dentures, hence flexible
  • Comfortable fit
  • No ugly metal wires present- hence more aesthetic
  • Look and feel more natural- Virtually Invisible
  • Compatible with oral tissues and allergy free
  • Lesser food accumulation on denture surface –less odour and staining
  • Less gum pain due to flexibility- lesser mouth sores
  • On top of a Dental Implant