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Cavities are a common problem in children. Most parents think that baby teeth (milk teeth)- fall away and so do not require any treatment. But it is prudent to understand that milk teeth stay in the kid’s mouth for several years and guide the permanent teeth into position. Kids are particularly susceptible to cavities because of lack of brushing regularly and sticky foods like candies and chips and soda based items. Even with proper hygiene, and good diet and dental checkups some kids are more prone to cavities because of the nature of their teeth and how they are placed in the mouth. Untreated cavities in baby teeth can have severe consequences both short term (pain/swelling/loss of tooth/gum disease/) and long term (misaligned permanent teeth due to early loss of baby teeth/inability to eat and poor self esteem)

A child’s first visit to the dentist should be when the first tooth erupts. The best way would be the take the child along during your dental visit as he/she becomes more familiar with the environment.


Once a cavity is detected the dentist begins by explaining the procedure to the child in kid friendly terms. The cavity is cleaned with a drill and the filling is placed. The procedure varies for each child according to the following factors

  • Child’s cooperation
  • Nature of cavities
  • Number of cavities
  • Age of the child
Type of materials

Tooth coloured fillings, Fluoride based fillings or composite fillings.

At Dental Folks, we aim to make your child’s first visit a pleasant experience that imbibes a positive effect on the child’s mind for a lifetime.