The most recent trend is the “Invisible Braces” also called “Transparent/Clear Braces” or “Aligners”

This system involves a thin transparent tray made of a resin based material which is usually custom made based on the shape of the teeth. These snugly fit onto the teeth and align them in their correct position. They are available as various systems like Invisalign/Alignwise etc..

  • Aligners are esthetically appealing.
  • Very comfortable compared to regular braces which has brackets and wires.
  • It is extremely easy to maintain hygiene as well.
  • Treatment time is not an issue as these are invisible.
  • Have to be worn for a set number of hours each day for maximum benefits!
  • Expensive

The best part about Invisible Braces is that you can have a look at what your teeth will look like post treatment even before we start the braces. The first step is a digital scanning of your teeth using the Itero Scanner- Where a 3D rendering of your teeth is done digitally and a software creates the simulation of your treatment results‼ This scan is then used to create your clear aligner trays.

Best Invisible Braces in Ramesh Nagar, Delhi
India, Teeth Invisible Braces in Ramesh Nagar, Delhi, India

Can you spot the braces? Our patient wearing Alignwise Aligners